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POLSPORT is the oldest company to produce sports equipment in Poland. Relaunch of the fencing equipment production was a great success which gave our company international recognition. More than 50% of sabres, foils, swords and protective apparel production was allocated to foreign markets. At the time, POLSPORT was also a leading manufacturer of tourist gear such as deckchairs and camp beds.
Over the last decade our company has been consistently reorganized and modernized. Tourist equipment production has been abandoned letting all the focus and effort to be put into sports equipment production. Nowadays, POLSPORT is a thriving company which successfully combines tradition with modernity. Thanks to that, our company is enhancing its market position year by year.
Throughout the history, POLSPORT company has had a major influence in developing sport culture in Poland. Thanks to the highest quality of our services, our company obtained recommendations from sports officials, athletes, sport clubs and dozens of institutions across the country. Today, as in the past, our main concern is to support and influence the development of polish sport.

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