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POLANIK is a Polish company which produces sports equipment. The company’s history started a very long time ago – over 45 years. We specialize at the production of the sports equipment for several athletics events. Not long ago the base of our product range was only the track and field equipment – javelins, discuses, hurdles, and so on. Currently we are expanding our offer with the additional gear which makes assembling, storing and transporting easier than before as well as clothing and shoes for athletes.
We are a family company. We have developed our own patent protected production methods. Our special field is metalworking. Javelins are the key products. They are manufactured form high quality duralumin and carbon fibre. In 1991 Polanik javelins obtained the positive opinion from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Thanks to that our equipment and implements could appear at the most important sports competitions. Presently all the completion javelins have the IAAF certificates.

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