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Projection and construction services

Our company performs residential and non-residential buildings, sports purpose buildings, engineering structures construction, repair and modernization work. Also we design and reconstruct public and private, residential and non-residential buildings.

We project and renovate transport communications (roads), engineering networks (plumbing, sewage disposal), engineering structures for sport purposes, cultural heritage buildings. We build and assemble building structures, install roofs, perform finishing work. We build plumbing and sewage disposal networks. We build plumbing and sewage disposal engineering systems, the building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning engineering systems, building electricity, telecommunications (telecom), alarm, fire safety (signaling) engineering systems.

Quality plays an important role in our company’s activities so we work closely with clients in order to reach an exceptional quality in our work. Experience and knowledge gained over more than 10 years, allows  to ensure the highest quality service for customers.

We believe that our expertise, quality of done work, honesty and responsibility are the values that allow us to achieve the best and highest quality results. We have been following theese values  from the company’s inception. Thanks to them we grow, have goals and are strong.

Clients choose us for:

• High-quality services;
• Financial stability;
• Optimal project performance deadlines;
• Successful work with large projects;
• Professional and highly skilled team of specialists;
• Fexibility – we are working in all Lithuania;
• Work experience with a variety of clients.