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Parquet floor

Parquet flooring is a natural product, that is made from wood. This type of floor, compared to the other type of floor is durable, reliable an do no require high maintenance. Parquet floors are worth choice not only because of the providing spaces for , luxury or comfort, but also keeps the heat in, make rooms more comfortable. This floor is safe for environment, because the cover is made from natural raw materials, as well as the cover protect the air from dust that can cause allergies.
Parquet flooring can be two or three layer. Two layer parquet is a great solution if you want to lay your floor with the letters, also, if the parquet is paved on a heated base. Two layers of parketlentės are usually glued to the ground. Three layer parque, usually is not fixed to the ground. A large selection of wood types, finishing options, fast and low-cost laying.
Although the parquet floors do not require special care, but, however, a number of steps should be followed: parquet cannot be washed very wet; it is necessary to cover the surface by varnish every five years; you need to attach the felt pieces to furniture legs; you need to attach the felt pieces of furniture legs; you need to keep floor from sand and walk only slippers; The more the parquet floor will be stored and maintained, it will longer maintain the original appearance.